Guelph Rod and Gun Club

New Memberships

The membership at GRGC has been capped at 900 members. As of February 25 2016 we are no longer taking names for the waiting list. There are no plans to open the waiting list to the public. This remains true in 2021, there is no plan to open the waiting list to members of the public.

The club introduction and safety course is run several times a year and with small class sizes to ensure all new members receive one on one introduction to the club and its policies.

Members in good standing may submit one referral for a new member annually to the Membership Director.

Annual Dues

The membership year runs from Nov 1st through to Oct 31st. Current membership fees are 300/yr.

New members who join after October 31st in any year will have their membership dues calculated according to the month in which they join.

Pro-Rated Fee Schedule


MARCH $175
APRIL $150
MAY $125
JUNE $ 100
JULY $75
SEPTEMBER $325 (to the following October)

Membership fees must be paid online at the club website using Visa or Mastercard. A $25 deposit for the gate card is required which will be refunded upon surrender. This deposit can be added in with your Membership fee payment.

Member Referrals

GRGC members in good standing may send a sponsor request the Board of Directors once annually to allow a friend or relative to become a member. This can be done at any time and must be emailed to the directors for review.

Associate Members

Associate membership are available for certain qualifying individuals, i.e. family members under the age of 18 and/or spouses living in the same household. Associate fees are $65 at all times irrespective of the month that they join.

Insurance through the CSSA

Each prospective member and associate member must be a paid up member of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). The current fee for joining the CSSA is $45 per annum and is not included in the club membership fee.Each full member must hold a current and valid firearms license, usually a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) or Possession Only Licenses (POL). Each firearm brought to the club must be licensed according to the laws of Canada..

Club Safety Course

As live firing is part of the Safety Course it is mandatory to have eye and ear protection with you. Ordinary eyeglasses are permitted if impact resistant, and either foam earplugs or headphones (ear muffs) are acceptable. Upon successful completion of the course and the receipt of the membership fees and all necessary documentation, your membership card will be issued along with a gate access card and codes for the clubhouse & range doors.


Also, all new members are probationary members for 6 months and 12 safe shoots at the club have been recorded. During this probationary period you are not eligible for the RSO course and you may not bring shooting guests to the club. More information on this subject will be presented at the Safety Course.

There is a $100 cash only fee for this club introduction and safety course, which covers the cost of ammunition, firearms use, and other incidental expenses, related to the course. The Safety Course usually begins at 8:30 a.m. and should be completed by late afternoon with a break for lunch. As lunch is not provided please bring something to eat and drink to the course.

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