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Hondo’s Wild West Percussion Revolver Shoot

  • 03 Jun 2017
  • 8:30 AM
  • Cowboy Range

Hondo’s Wild West Percussion

Revolver Shoot

Guelph Rod and Gun Club

Saturday June 3, 2017

Loading commences 8:30 on the Cowboy range under RO supervision.

Safety Meeting at 9:20

Shooting Commences 9:30AM

$20.00 includes Hamburger lunch

1 st Stage,

Colonel Cody’s 50 yard Buffalo Shoot.

10 Timed Revolver rounds on Steel Buffalo

Most hits wins, Time breaks ties

2 nd Stage:

Hickok’s Man on Man

Two shooters at once on either side of Cowboy set. Coin toss decides who starts.

Starting shooter uses Shotgun to activate can toss. Second shooter shoots flying

can with Shotgun. On completion of the second shooter’s shot being fired. 10

revolver shots on 3 steel targets 1 on 1, 1 on 3, 3 on centre. Repeat

3 rd Stage

Doc Carver’s Cantankerous Cans,

Man on Man,

Fired from boths sides of the stage prop.

5 shots at 5 full soda cans set up inside the target bunkers

4 th Stage:

Texas Jack’s Texas Star

5 shots on Texas Star . Hits and Time.

5 th Stage:

Annie Oakley’s Aerial Balloons,

5 blank shots loaded under double RO inspection. 5 Balloon targets inflated

inside rings of pipe will be tossed into the air and the shooter will hit them.

Side Match: If time permits, pistol caliber rifle loaded with 3 rounds will be used

to shoot 3 full soda cans off the bunker stand backwards with a mirror under strict

RO supervision.

Firearms necessary. 1 or 2 percussion revolvers. One shotgun and one pistol

caliber rifle.

Buffalo Bill says he is coming. So is Hondo, the Milton Kid, Bear Claw,

Hawkfeather and Lefty Dutchman…so far.

Let Hondo know if you can come via email or phone.

905 877 8092

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