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Rimfire Precision Rifle is a fun sport that has become the fastest-growing shooting sport in North America. At the Guelph Rod & Gun Club we host the Outlaw Rimfire Precision Rifle Series. This is a series of rimfire matches that are run at ranges all across Canada. Participants shoot from different barricades in 5 diffent stages and every month the course of fire changes. Steel targets are shot at different distances in each stage with .22LR magazine-fed rifles. The targets vary in size depending on the difficulty of the stage and the distance being shot. Targets are placed at 25,50,75 and 100 yards and our matches run on Range #1.

There are three main classes: Youth, Production, and Open class. These classes are explained in full detail on the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series web site:

Here is a link to watch the GRGC July 2022 Outlaw match video which will give you an idea of how some of the stages run: GRGC 2022 Outlaw Match July 2022

We have been running these matches at the GRGC since 2019 and are proud to say that we have the largest attended matches in Canada. This is mainly due to the great group of volunteers here at the Guelph Rod & Gun Club.

The goal of our matches is to introduce youth and new people to the shooting sports. Matches are friendly with lots of coaching and comaraderie. You are welcome to come out and see how the matches run and how much fun it is.

The matches cost $30.00 for adults and youth participants shoot for free.

We will be running introductory courses each year in the spring to teach the techniques, safety procedures and to let people experience shooting several stages similar to a match.

For further information contact Ken at:

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