Guelph Rod and Gun Club

Police Pistol Combat

PPC is the acronym for “Practical Pistol Course”. This shooting discipline evolved from police firearm training into a sport enjoyed by civilians as well as law enforcement officers.

PPC shooting involves shooting at targets from different distances, under different time constraints and from a variety of shooting positions. In PPC, the shooter does not walk or run with the firearm. Typically, specially modified Smith & Wesson revolvers are used for PPC shooting. The focus is on accuracy within a determined times.

The distance the shooter is from the target varies from 7 to 25 to 50 YARDS.

The time constraints the shooter faces in firing on the target vary from 12 rounds fired in 20 seconds to 24 rounds fired in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

The various shooting positions are; kneeling, prone, point shoulder, shooting around a barricade (strong hand & weak hand) and sitting.

1200 Course of Fire

A full “600” PPC course of fire involves firing a total of 120 rounds of ammunition on 6 “B27″ or reduced B34 target (25 YARDS)on(paper silhouette) targets. The course of fire involves 2 matches outlined as follows

Match 1

12 rounds in 20 seconds Point shoulder from 7 YARD line

18 rounds in 90 seconds kneeling, left barricade, right barricade from 25 YARDS

Match 2

24 rounds in 2 minutes, 45 seconds sitting, prone, left barricade, right barricade from 25 YARDS

6 rounds in 12 seconds point shoulder from 25 YARDS

This course of fire is repeated for a possible total score of 1200.

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